venerdì 1 giugno 2007

Irlanda: la Principessa Marconi nel Connemara

La Principessa Marconi nel Connemara, June 1, 2007
This morning, in the presence of local authorities, Princess Elettra Marconi, who is in Ireland with her son Guglielmo, unveiled a plaque at Derrygimla, 3 miles from Clifden in Connemara, at the site where her father Guglielmo opened 100 years ago, the most powerful radio station in Europe. This year marks the centenary of the first radio transmission from Ireland across the Atlantic (17the October 1907). Already in the Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin, on Tuesday 29th May, Princess Elettra and her son were guests of honour at the presentation of a documentary entitled “Marconi´s Legacy in Ireland“, compiled by the editor of Italia Stampa, tracing the life and achievements of the great inventor of radio. A similar presentation took place this evening at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in Clifden.

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